10" Matte Brown Finish Contract Steel Bed Base - Twin Size

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Product Overview

Bed Base Advantages

The bed base is used in place of the bed frame. Just like the bed frame, the bed base supports the box spring / foundation unit and the mattress. But, the bed base provides the consumer with some unique advantages. These advantages make the bed base especially advantageous to the hospitality industry, but the individual consumer may well desire these advantages also.

  • Security: Prevents guest items from being left under the bed
  • Convenience: Reduces the area to be vacuumed.
  • Hygiene: The enclosed area prevents "dust bunnies" and other debris from accumulating because it is enclosed on all four sides.
  • Stability: The bed base is extremely stable because the entire perimeter of the bed base rests on the floor
Economical, Attractive, and Strong

  • The steel bed base rails and enclosed legs (6) provide an attractive strong base to the bed. The all steel construction is fully capable of supporting all bedding, including flotation.
  • Tubular steel cross support slats (3) provide support and strength with the retainer tabs safely and securely holding the foundation unit in place.
  • This bed base features a matte brown finish.

  • Three cross braces assure solid, stable support
  • Constructed for long, trouble-free service
  • Steel Bed Bases have a Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Bed Base recessed to help prevent stubbed toes
  • Optional Headboard Brackets are available for easy attachment when using a headboard Please see "Related Products" on the right edge of this page
  • Eliminates collection of dirt and dust underneath your bed
  • No need to clean under the bed since it stays flush with floor
Special Note

Picture shown of this product does not fully represent its actual appearance. The picture shown is not color correct, but does accurately show bed base components.
  • This contract all steel bed base comes with a Lifetime Ltd. Warranty
  • Optional headboard brackets are available for easy attachment when using a headboard
  • Steel Cross Tubes provide strong center support
  • Retainer Brackets adjust to hold box spring securely in place
  • Easy Assembly: Corners and Cross Rails lock into place


(No reviews yet) Write a Review