33" Wide Top Spring for Trundles and Daybeds with Link Wire Deck

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Was: $269.99
Now: $249.99

Product Overview

Top Spring Unit Only After numerous requests we have added the Top Spring to our catalog. This Link Deck Top Spring unit is 32 1/2" wide. High Rise Arms Available Separately If you already have the pop-up trundle unit, you can order just the Top Spring or high rise along with the arms. Please note the High-Rise arms are not included with this top spring, but are available separately, since you can also use this with a daybed. Features
  • Convenient, storable sleeping surfaces designed for long life and safety.
  • Included Universal Brackets fit any daybed end - 2-way adjustable - maintains 15 1/4" bedding height.
  • Reinforced Corners - angle braces at all corners for increased strength.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review