How can I add a footboard to my existing bed?

The Bed Claw Universal Footboard Attachment Kit has been created just for this purpose.  It features a variety of attachment points for custom applications and will work with all bed sizes.  These Footboard Bracket Kits only work on bed frames that have holes in the side-rails for bolting on the footboard brackets; some drilling may be required. Here is a diagram for installation:

The basic Footboard Attachment Kit provides only for the attachment of a bolt-on footboard.  However if you need to attach a hook-on footboard, we offer several different adaptation hooks here <link>.  These brackets lift the footboard so it is not subject to any weight stress.

What type of center support do I need?   

Mattress center support systems prevent sagging, squeaking, shifting, bowing, and cracking.  Unknown to most consumers, mattress manufacturers’ warranties may be void if sufficient center support is not under the mattress.  Center supports are available in all sizes and heights and many models can be adjusted to your unique specifications.  You will want to select your center support system based on the following criteria:

  1. Size of your bed (Twin, Full, Queen, King or California King)
  2. Type of side rails on your bed (Metal or Wood)
  3. How much weight your bed is supporting (Don’t forget the weight of your mattress and foundation)
  4. Consider current problems with your bed (mild or severe sagging, squeaking, and/or bowing rails)

Can I repair the Hook-On feature on my headboard?

If the hook-on feature on your headboard or footboard is damaged or worn out, the Bedlok may be able to help.  The connection points to these style of headboards and footboards can become loose, broken or worn resulting in squeaking, wobbliness, and insecure connections.  The Bedlok brackets can replace these connection points and increase the stability of your bed.  There are several different styles of Bedlok brackets for different applications so be sure to use the provided measurements or contact us with any questions.

Can I use my queen size headboard with a king size bed? Or my queen size headboard with a full size bed?

Our Bed Claw Modification plates are strong, heavy gauge steel plates with a variety of slots and holes for different attachment applications.  These Modification or Modi plates allow the consumer to make modifications to his bed, including changing the headboard/footboard which can be used with certain size bed frames.  There are several versions of these plates available: King Modification plates for queen to king applications, Queen Modification plates for full to queen applications, and Vertical modification plates that enable a bolt on bed rail to attach higher on a headboard or footboard.