Steel Stem Bed Extension Piece

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Product Overview

For When You Need Just the TOP Piece Many bed frames feature a common style of glide, called the 2-Piece glide. Unfortunately, they also share a common problem - The top pieces get damaged, lost, or misplaced when moving, or even after several years of use. You Can Continue to Use Your Old Bottom Piece Finally, a solution for Hotels, Motels, and anyone else with these kinds of glides. By popular request, we now sell just the top extension piece, perfect for situations where your bottom base pieces are still in good condition, or you already have high-rise glide bases. Plastic Plug Inserts Plastic Plug Inserts are optionally available by selecting them at the right. These plastic inserts are made to be inserted in your bed frame to facilitate the correct fit for your extensions. The price of the plastic inserts will be automatically discounted in the cart if purchased together with these extensions. Steel Stem Diameter These glides feature a 3/8" Stem. Sold Singly These are priced "each", meaning a quantity of 4 will yield four extension pieces. This Item Can Also Be Used with the Pro Glide High Rise Base This top can also be used with the GL-10 Pro Glide Bed Riser. Please see the third picture under More Views for an illustration of this application. Bottom Part to Glide Also Available If you desire to purchase the Smooth Plastic Bed Glide Foot Bottom Base Piece which fits on to the bottom of the stem, please see under Related Products on the upper right of this page.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review